Welcome Coaches!

I'd like to start off by saying, Thank you! Thank you for volunteering your time and energy to coach today's youth. 

This is a brief guide to your teams photo day.

Photo Day

Order forms will be handed out prior to your photo day. Please remind parents to have forms filled out prior to arrival for pictures. Also have all players in their uniforms (jerseys tucked in) along with any props they want to use, gloves, bats, balls, pom poms, hair bows etc. Please have your team ready approximately 15 minutes prior to your designated time. Depending on team size there might be an opportunity to photograph your team sooner than your scheduled time. Understand at times that we may go past your scheduled time depending on how cooperative the children are being. Normally, your younger children take slightly longer. Some of you are parents as well as coaches. Please take a moment to check out our parent guide

Team Photos

Our method of photographing your team is done the same time we photograph the individuals. The children are photographed in a few different poses. One of those poses will be used to composite the team photo. This saves a lot of time trying to line each kid up. This also ensures that everyone's eyes are open, no one is goofing off, and the team will look more uniform. Your larger team sports will be photographed more uniformed as seen to the right. Smaller team sports such as baseball, children will have the option to "choose" their own pose. The photographer will choose the best pose for the team photo. Coaches you will also have your photograph taken for the team photo, so please coordinate with your assistants as far as what you are wearing. 


If you or your parents request/mention anything that is not on the order form, please let me know. I can print on many different items or create unique items for teams and parents.


If you are confronted with questions from parents please direct them to the parent guide. If you or your assistants have any questions please feel free to contact me by email, text, or call. 717-688-0723

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